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Dental Extractions in Conroe

Extractions Conroe
Extractions Conroe

Dental extractions represent the last remaining option in terms of treatment for a decayed, infected, or damaged tooth. At Pioneer Dentistry of Conroe, we take every reasonable measure to keep your natural teeth from having to be removed. If you do need the procedure done, though, rest assured that it will be done with gentle, attentive, expert care.

When do you know you need a tooth remov

ed? You’ll need an examination and x-rays to confirm, but any pain or sensitivity in the tooth should motivate you to come in. What is most important is that you feel relaxed and at ease when you are getting our extractions Conroe. Sufficient local anesthesia is used so that you are numb. The goal is to keep you pain-free while the tooth is being taken out. The only sensation you should have is the sensation of pressure being exerted. You should be glad to know that our extractions Conroe are typically simple and easy to complete, and there are very rarely any complications or issues. Upon the tooth being removed in its entirety, you’ll receive stitches. Instructions are then provided for you to follow during the 24 hours right after. They include using over-the-counter pain relief medication to deal with any discomfort that arises after the anesthesia wears off, and to manage any swelling with an ice pack held to your face. It’s recommended that you eat soft foods, and also rinse frequently with warm salt water. You should consider replacing the tooth with a state-of-the-art dental implant, which is another procedure we do here. In fact, you might qualify to have the implant procedure started immediately after your tooth has been removed. Whether or not that is the case, though, implants are the ideal method for restoring your full smile. They look, feel, and perform like real teeth.

Whenever you may need our extractions Conroe, just contact us and we will schedule you for a prompt appointment.

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