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Dental Plaque in Conroe Texas

Dentist in Conroe Texas
Dentist in Conroe Texas

Dental plaque is no friend of your teeth and gums. That much is certain. But the good news is that with a wise strategy of good nutrition and oral hygiene at home; along with twice yearly visits to see our dentist in Conroe Texas, you can stop the advancement of dental plaque right in its tracks, and maintain strong, healthy, vibrant oral wellness. At Pioneer Dentistry of Conroe, our goal is to keep cavities and gum disease to a bare minimum, if not eliminate their presence entirely.

Forming on and between teeth, dental plaque is a bacterial film. It erodes tooth enamel, eventually forming holes in it. Those holes are, of course, dental cavities. But that’s not all. The existence of plaque creates potential for serious consequences to your gums. Initially, this may just be irritation and redness, the indications of gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. But if not addressed at that point, irritation can become inflammation; and that can result in infection. It is here that the need for attention from our dentist in Conroe Texas becomes absolutely indispensable. Periodontitis it the advanced stage of gum disease. Typical symptoms include receding gums, persistent bad breath, bleeding gums when you brush, erosion of gum and bone tissue, and loose teeth. Fortunately, our dentist in Conroe Texas can halt gum disease before it ever gets that far. Your six month dental exam includes a teeth cleaning. Your daily attention to brushing and flossing is a big part of managing plaque. But what about the plaque that hides out of reach in gum pockets? It hardens into tartar, continuing to wreak havoc on your teeth and gums. A teeth cleaning eradicates any remaining plaque and tartar, and also reverses the signs of gingivitis.

Now is the perfect time to call us to book a convenient time to come in for an exam and cleaning. Show dental plaque who’s boss.

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