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77301 Pediatric Dentist

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Pediatric dental exams in 77301

77301 pediatric dentist
77301 pediatric dentist

Our pediatric dental exams are designed to be effective in the diagnosis and assessment of your child’s oral health, but also in keeping her or him feeling comfortable and at ease. It is essential in a child’s development to see us at Pioneer Dentistry of Conroe as patient, gentle, caring friends. That’s an attitude that will make dentistry in his or her adulthood so much easier.

Your child’s first visit to see our 77301 pediatric dentist will be partially for getting acquainted. With what? With our office, our staff, and the equipment that we use. All patients should be treated as individuals and not numbers, but that is all the more vital when we’re talking about kids. We have made our office welcoming for children, with an atmosphere that is fun and not threatening. After she or he meets our 77301 pediatric dentist, the next step will be getting down to the exam itself, which includes x-rays so that any indications of tooth decay will be found and dealt with as early as possible. Larger cavities put your child at increased risk for a weakened tooth that may be subject to a toothache or even need to be extracted. Considering the delicate timing that is necessary in the smooth transition from baby (primary) teeth to adult (permanent) teeth, it’s easy to see how important it is that teeth do not have to come out sooner than their normal schedule would suggest. And really, with just two trips per year to our office for him or her to have pediatric dental exams and teeth cleanings, the odds will be very much in your favor for maintaining an optimal level of dental health for your child.

It’s the ideal time to contact us to arrange a checkup and cleaning for your child with our 77301 pediatric dentist. Why not do it now, while you’re thinking of it?

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